Embroidery MachineWe specialize in machine embroidery using the very latest technology. This is where the designs are stitched with an automated embroidery machine. These designs are first "digitized" with embroidery software, which is an art in itself. They can have different types of stitches which add texture and design to the embroidery.

We can embroider a large variety of garments such as shirts for business or personal use, hats, jackets, towels, book bags, scrubs, blankets and team apparel. We can also make some hat designs 3D. 

We can use your pre-designed logo or help you create a new one. We also have a catalog of stock designs ready for embroidery for you to choose from.


Embroidery Price Sheet





Thermo Heat Transfer

Our Heat Transfer service is different from all of the screen printers in town.  Our thermo heat press process is designed to imprint a design or graphic on an item, such as a t-shirt, with the application of heat and pressure.  The printing process allows us to offer you several types of customization that screen printing can't.  For example, a size small shirt and a size 3XL shirt will not get the same size logo.  We adjust the size of your logo to fit the garment at no additional charge to you.  It also means we can offer photo realistic graphics so that snapshot you took can be used to decorate just about anything.  We can also personalize each garment with names, team numbers, etc.

We aren't limited to just t-shirts, we can also put your custom logo, graphic design or photograph onto bags, aprons, team flags, and other products.  

No job is to large or too small. Whether you have your own design or logo, or if you need a logo or idea custom designed we can do it all.


Thermo Heat Transfer Price Sheet